No Such King (Bully)

As I grew older, I figured me out. I used to be colder; I’d bully you out. My sub-zero shoulder; I’d leave her then hold her…. But she was his rock; and he became boulder. HE should’ve been soldier. SHE forced to be holder. But he brought a gun?! Why didn’t he holster?! He fired […]

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Legacy (Bully)

This game’s lacking rap game’s dead, mumble raps stuck in my head, Trapping all about the drugs, shooting all up with the lead Who the fuck you think you are? Get a job man; it’s not hard. You don’t have anxiety. You don’t have ADHD. You don’t have to be lazy.Don’t think you were born […]

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Melanchali’s Memoir (Bully)

I used to never bother like I had no tomorrowLying to all of my friends for some drug money to borrowNo directions; up-down-low class feeling; almost reeling. Slim man. Shady dealing. I wasn’t raised in the hoodIt was too easy being goodBut I knew I’d never follow on the path that I should You seeThe […]

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