Serious Brown (Handicap)

Look around you. No one’s serious. Dripping drugs. Delirious. Suicide. Deleterious. Resources.Depleterious. These idiots are having kids; then putting on their stupid lids. They’re locking brown folk into grids. Concentrate on the highest bids. But why am I so serious? Well, they’re Joaquin around like crazys do. They want to war in Brazil too! I’m […]

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InNoCent (Bully)

“Your son is such a good kid! He’s so innocent.” No. He’s a failed dropout. No Harvey Dent. “Don’t you think that’s a bit far fetched – out of your range?” Don’t question my madness! All he needs is my change! My father really never bothered to raise me. Pumped the fist down. Focused on […]

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Melanchali’s Memoir (Bully)

I used to never bother like I had no tomorrowLying to all of my friends for some drug money to borrowNo directions; up-down-low class feeling; almost reeling. Slim man. Shady dealing. I wasn’t raised in the hoodIt was too easy being goodBut I knew I’d never follow on the path that I should You seeThe […]

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