Loser Off Luxury (Handicap)

Took me decades just to see, that I’m a bitchass honestly! This world is full of people like me. We‘re full of shit but still hungry. But I’m done crying, I’m done lying, I’m done being scared of dying, done not trying, I’m applying, I’m done lying, mind is frying like a fritter and my […]

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Soni Afraid (Handicap)

FIGHT!!! The bipolar twister, my eldest sister… She’s my female counterpart Who my father broke apart Mental problems were the game Cersei walking Shame Shame Shame. We have the same psychotically We can’t see in reality Panic issues all up in our head! Manic father wishes we were dead 😦 But here we are, Walking […]

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No Such King (Bully)

As I grew older, I figured me out. I used to be colder; I’d bully you out. My sub-zero shoulder; I’d leave her then hold her…. But she was his rock; and he became boulder. HE should’ve been soldier. SHE forced to be holder. But he brought a gun?! Why didn’t he holster?! He fired […]

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Methodic Ali (Handicap Throwaway)

I’m prototyping rappers; they’re PROJECTing on my poetry. When I’m wrong at something – write it til I build a legacy. Brought my pen to swordfight… Now the haters gotta gun for me? Ripping up the butterfly, that’s pacing my anxiety. Choking on the box that Kurts your heart into security. Worry for my sisters […]

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The Shady Project (EmiStan)

“Shit is a circus, you clowns that are comin’ upDon’t give an ounce of a motherfuckAbout the ones that were here before you that made rap, let’s recap” Eminem and Joyner Lucas on the Kamikaze “Lucky You” Fuck you too! Woo! Hi kids! It’s the Sinister Minister here to administer the penicillin your cilia and […]

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The Dark White vs. GothaMe

If you read up to the end of SociopathicAli ~ then you’ll know I’m half-way done with my Dark Knight Album. I AM NOT SURE WHAT I SHOULD NAME IT. I’m in no rush… I’ll ask you around. I have 2 options in mind: ~ GothaMe ~ and ~ The Dark White ~ The beat […]

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Soul Reason (Bully)

These are my Soul Reasons That I keep the faith in meWelcome to my sermon Confessin; lynching Ali I am nobody with nothing And I was somebody from somethingBut It was hell just to be breathing Claustrophobic skin was seething I was gagging on the silver spoonBorn to money, way too soon My savage parents, […]

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Resurrection (Bully)

My goal here’s Art resurrectionNeed you to write to correctionI got no weapons, just vision Smith and Wession, my ambition Navi hey look hey come listen!It’s a Twilight; men on a mission 2 many worlds; head on collision andIt’s up to you for survival andI’m out here; praying revival Call it Rap Jesus; my recital […]

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Legacy (Bully)

This game’s lacking rap game’s dead, mumble raps stuck in my head, Trapping all about the drugs, shooting all up with the lead Who the fuck you think you are? Get a job man; it’s not hard. You don’t have anxiety. You don’t have ADHD. You don’t have to be lazy.Don’t think you were born […]

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Melanchali’s Memoir (Bully)

I used to never bother like I had no tomorrowLying to all of my friends for some drug money to borrowNo directions; up-down-low class feeling; almost reeling. Slim man. Shady dealing. I wasn’t raised in the hoodIt was too easy being goodBut I knew I’d never follow on the path that I should You seeThe […]

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