Epic Drunk Compilation (An EDC Tale) (A.S.S.H.O.L.E.)

Ali’sStorySessionHereOnlyLaughterEmanatesWelcome back to my asshole. Assholes. Only names were altered because my friends have respectable professions; far unlike myself. This is, has, will, be, always, was a(n) Extremely Dope CoolEveryones Dream CoonaniElevating Drugs CascadeEgotistical Dancing CharadesEntropy Dominating CataclysmEnergy Decimating CatastropheEvery Delirious CollisionEscapades Dooming ComraderieE to the D to the fucking C epic! P.L.U.R.RRRR 4 LYFE […]

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Serious Brown (Handicap)

Look around you. No one’s serious. Dripping drugs. Delirious. Suicide. Deleterious. Resources.Depleterious. These idiots are having kids; then putting on their stupid lids. They’re locking brown folk into grids. Concentrate on the highest bids. But why am I so serious? Well, they’re Joaquin around like crazys do. They want to war in Brazil too! I’m […]

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He Thinks and Prays (A.S.S.H.O.L.E.)

I promised my ExtremelyDopeCool Epic after My N.A.D.s but I just want to take a little tangent cause of all the chaos recently to share some of my useless viewpoints with you starting with this run-on sentence of an introduction.I’m literally literarily controlling mania. Yes… It’s a wild ride.Meditation and Harmony Noises work wonders.I never […]

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Posti Alone (Bully)

I snapback with my attitude. I’d step back man. You’re kind of rude. You don’t want me; I don’t need you. You talk too much – just can it; loo ~ I get enough shit back at home! It’s your safe place – my terror dome 🙂 The lights. The cars. The house. The money. […]

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SociopathicAli (Bully)

Trapped in a sickness This just won’t go down Disturbing the peace This smile’s upside frown ~Like attending a wedding in a widow‘s gown My lifeguard wasn’t supposed to drown~  I’m my own best friend I’ll have me in dead end Call me MGMT man. It’s Time to Pretend!  I’m no sociopath; but I show […]

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InNoCent (Bully)

“Your son is such a good kid! He’s so innocent.” No. He’s a failed dropout. No Harvey Dent. “Don’t you think that’s a bit far fetched – out of your range?” Don’t question my madness! All he needs is my change! My father really never bothered to raise me. Pumped the fist down. Focused on […]

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There are One of me with Two Projects to Entertain all Three of you

“We’re not from the Projects; but I plan on working on some.” — Allmi (Egotistical Asshole. God Origin. Last Seen Volunteering on a Project at a Project.) This site is for Adults Only I entertain personal and dark things here. Racism, misogyny, profanity, insanity… Humanity? Ali’s Story Sessions Here Only Laughter Emanates ~ The Melanchali […]

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