Melanchalic Manifesto

“I’m just a resi Dual of the

In Div I Dual

that was In Div I de

myself I Duel I

can’t hide.”

-Meelon K. Awelee

If you deciphered even half of my favorite poem written by some Confusing Asshole of Emotional Origin; Congratulations! You’re intelligence enough to enjoy my site. There will be many entendr.dres throughout my lyrics/poems/stories. I narcissiticAli see myself as a Paki Eminem while most surely having 7% of his work ethic. That’s my favorite number. As is zero. I’m like Eminem-Lite…
Can I have your attention, please?
play Dion.

If I don’t make you Cry?
Shame on Me.
If I don’t make you Laugh?
Shame on You.
If I don’t Motivate?
then J. Cole Elevate;
Hope you revelate and
Peace rain upon you.”

(Bro Ass Soul. Piece and Love Origin. Last Known Whereabouts: High on Life somewhere Pray inHail Merry!)

Before you continue, you should know

ANYTHING I post here IS and WILL be !!! 18+ !!!

for reasons that conveniently cover my Biography:

– Narcissism – Profanity – Misogyny – Drug Use – Murder/Suicide/Brutality/Fatality/Crucifixion of a Brownie Identity – Depression – Anxiety – NPD – ADHD – ADD – NBD! – Mommy – Daddy – Abuse – Stop – Bitching – Filthy – Millenial – Brown – Post 9/11 – Life – No Filter – Off kilter – Scottish – Rap – Devil Lyrics – Killshot was Way Better to Real Artists – The Pursuit of Happiness – America –

Eminem is the Rap God but

It’s High Time for a Resurrection and

Jesus Was Brown so Why Not?

-Ally (Warrior Asshole. Fighter Origin. Last Known Whereabouts: Right Behind You – Always Having Your Back)
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    “We’re not from the Projects; but I plan on working on some.” — Allmi (Egotistical Asshole. God Origin. Last Seen Volunteering on a Project at a Project.) This site is for Adults Only I entertain personal and dark things here. Racism, misogyny, profanity, insanity… Humanity? Ali’s Story Sessions Here Only Laughter Emanates ~ The Melanchali… Read more

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  • Soni Afraid (Handicap)

    November 17, 2019 by

    FIGHT!!! The bipolar twister, my eldest sister… She’s my female counterpart Who my father broke apart Mental problems were the game Cersei walking Shame Shame Shame. We have the same psychotically We can’t see in reality Panic issues all up in our head! Manic father wishes we were dead 😦 But here we are, Walking… Read more

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  • Serious Brown (Handicap)

    November 16, 2019 by

    Look around you. No one’s serious. Dripping drugs. Delirious. Suicide. Deleterious. Resources.Depleterious. These idiots are having kids; then putting on their stupid lids. They’re locking brown folk into grids. Concentrate on the highest bids. But why am I so serious? Well, they’re Joaquin around like crazys do. They want to war in Brazil too! I’m… Read more

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  • I Got It (Handicap)

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    Don’t worry mom and dad. I want to thank you two; for being there for me; when I wasn’t there for you. I love you. Back in the day there was nothing that I’d rather do than act out and say FUCK YOU! I got distraught and damaged; but what did it do? The narcissism.… Read more

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  • No Such King (Bully)

    November 2, 2019 by

    As I grew older, I figured me out. I used to be colder; I’d bully you out. My sub-zero shoulder; I’d leave her then hold her…. But she was his rock; and he became boulder. HE should’ve been soldier. SHE forced to be holder. But he brought a gun?! Why didn’t he holster?! He fired… Read more

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  • Posti Alone (Bully)

    October 24, 2019 by

    I snapback with my attitude. I’d step back man. You’re kind of rude. You don’t want me; I don’t need you. You talk too much – just can it; loo ~ I get enough shit back at home! It’s your safe place – my terror dome 🙂 The lights. The cars. The house. The money.… Read more

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  • Buggy (Bully)

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    Paralyzed every time I hear the yelling.Heart pounds out of chest; eyes end up swelling.Cloudy drugs; thunder music – drown me shout.Codependency tornadoes got me stuck in a droubt. They won’t divorce because of us? Damn! They must really care. Please just let us go then? “Fuck you! Life’s not fair! We live (in)sanity because… Read more

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  • Bully

    October 14, 2019 by

    Stargazing the future me Hey mirror mirror… please deflect me! Cause all I see is enemy. A weak ass beast. No range is free! Diss-charged emotion; circuiting, just one more light; was flickering The void was MOCKING, Taunting me! Go get lost in AbyssmAli! But now I’m seeing black, I can pace my track, filling… Read more

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    “Shit is a circus, you clowns that are comin’ upDon’t give an ounce of a motherfuckAbout the ones that were here before you that made rap, let’s recap” Eminem and Joyner Lucas on the Kamikaze “Lucky You” Fuck you too! Woo! Hi kids! It’s the Sinister Minister here to administer the penicillin your cilia and… Read more

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