Ego Death (Handicap)

It’s all in me
I’ll be me
It’s all for me
They will see

Arguably? No, probably. I’m gonna learn. I’m prodigy.

I’ll take you up, then take you down.

Don’t trip.

I’m coming back around.

I’m not that hard life – Easy E. I’m feigning high class – Fanc E.

Take 2 steps up! Fall 3 steps back. Arrhythmyic. I’m a heart attack.

I jump the gun.

I don’t pack heat.

My mind is loaded.

On repeat.

My narcissism. No fam plan. I’m pessimistic poison man.

No self esteem. On my high. Ego death. Reset that lie.

I’ll rap their shout, then drug me out.

Pace around my constant doubt. Control is what it’s all about… But

I’ll be me
It’s all in me
They won’t see
I’m an Ali

Cause really It’s been me myself and I – That’s the dream team – Got no other scheme! Ripping up my head. Bleeding out the ream.

Melanchali mauled Ali. Laid it down for me. Hopping off another Ollie. Poppin Mini Me. Giggity uppity.

Yes I know defeat. Got my feds locked on the repeat.

They the ones who Knock Mock.

I’m the danger?

Power through their Manger! Shooting at the Ranger.

Walter got another Pinky with the Jesse fucked his Brain.

Plotting screwed up plots. Playing mental games.

Making scummy teams and then screaming lying yelling me,

“Your cunt bitch mom is to blame!”

But he prescribed invanity. Swallowed up anxiety. Stroked her out insanity.

Made her look inSane.

We became the same, like a bowl of Eminems added blue color

Trick and Treat right there undercover, cause

My mom loved Valium with all the hugs!

That’s why I am – always kidding.

I’m attention whoring.

Need adoring.

I’m not boring.

Life’s a choring.

and my generation suicidal! I’m just tryna steel your
and pray revival.

Retail hell is now survival!

Drained out hopes and dreams. Fuck their swamps!

Orange leeches everywhere. Unlocked door hinge. They don’t care.

At least give us a fucking basket.

We can’t afford your casket! Burned us out with Gas Kits.

Help a fuckin double rainbow flow to a pot of anything!

But we on the same boat?

Ok boomer. Row your float.

Alligating up their moats.

Allegations on the goats

that they dropped like sacrificial Christianity.

Separate your God damned church from me.

Harvest MoozLimbs.


Southing up their next America.

Jacking off with China.

Gotta get outta here.

Hoppin off to Canada.

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