Under Stand (Handicap)

Finally I understand! Why they never parent planned.

He just wanted power plus she just
wanted friendship and

minus all the real love.

Complex came from up above.

When my oldest
sisters born,

between 8 worlds they were torn.

Mom or Dad or White or Brown?

Simply strangers
in home




Parents were the scariest.

“Indecisive??? My choice prick!”
They’d make their minds up; then they’d they trick.

They’d abuse each cycle; Cyclically.

They broke us all; Sickology.

Then they acted like they really care! Just to split another pair.

Their Hollywood

Straight blinded to reality!

They stabbed her back; made fun of me! Then asked ‘friends’ so audaciously

“Why is Ali not

“Why is he always jokingly?”

Joker’s life labeled “Great Gatsby.”

So silly, he will never see; this life’s no joke!

But now he’s broke.

Now he’s poor bloke.

It’s such a shame.

Just took and toke.

Lost all his friends.

Ran from loose ends.

Clowned off my life now

I’ll hope and pray they will pardon me;

cause I disrespected their resident.

Didn’t give no
fucks like the president

They set no hopeful precedent!

Dug their black hole.

Left us in it!

Now they want
to fucking run from it?!

Leave us alone! Leave us alone! Please we are home! We are overgrown! We
are overloan! We were over shown! We are narcissistic! We were child abuse! No relationships! It’s just no use!

I fucked up man.

Please forgive me.

I’m just a man.

I’m frantically.

I broke the vase.

It’s not funny.

My ups and downs; they hurt me so. Confusing me; you’re all vertigo!

Come anxiety; we
got to go.

Hatred family.

Love me solo.

But go get me bong; this is not so long.

This is just my song.
Writing all the wrong.

I’m a fairly nice guy. An asshole that tries.

I love poetry; I’m not all wise.

But I’ll teach you how to conquer you. How to murder what’s been killing you. How to face the void that sleeps with you. How to wake up and just get it through.

I am not your God, but I’ve seen it all.

Went through my Hell; then I dropped the ball.

But I can trace the fall – and I can toss aside my
own pride to see – that I can make my demons heavenly.

This time on Earth; it’s just too short.

Take a seat with me; love to hear retort.

I won’t be a dick; but I’m honestly; don’t fuck around with me.

I need to help a lot. I want to help you all.

No longer helplessly.

I’m not the younger me.

Not the idiot – who was recklessly – was just a wreck Ali.

I’m slowly fixing me. Not unrealistically.

I am the real me.

Crawl with me and Bawl with me.

Need a helping hand? Melan Call For Me.

Humble Mercy.

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