20 20’s Life (A.S.S.)

I’ve been MIA the past month because I’m lazy as fuck. I’m going to use the excuse of looking for a new job that actually gives fucking benefits instead of Big Bitch dependency wages. Fuck you (sometimes) American Dream! I’m not going to sugar coat shit anymore; like most employers and businesses these past 5 decades have done. Yeah. Shit hasn’t been good on the job front since the 70’s. Love the illusion. Accept that technology has and is gonna bend us over. It’s simple math really. Read a book. Or don’t. AutoNation and the employer’s bottom line don’t give a flying fuck what you do.

Time to resolute a decade and give my fellow person aid.

I’ve heard my crippling laziness, drug abuse and lack of self esteem is a form of Depression. There is so much right and wrong up my stairs that I gave up control to the Big Wo(Man) up most stairs.

Some intelligent people will argue that this is a cop out.

I argue they’re challenged for thinking that way.

Karma or whatever the hell you wanna call that universe juice is very, very real. I see it happen Every. Single. Day. It’s actually humbling and comforting when you open your eyes and mind. I don’t care how shit your circumstances were or are. Believe me or not. I’m terrified of that force. That bitch slaps.

Also wanna give a shout out to my psychiatrist: Allie. She is unlicensed and self proclaimed to be one. She hasn’t completely ruined my life yet; so I trust her so far. 100% recovery rate in her patients. I’m her only one. (She’s got A LOT of patience.)

I’m in my mid 20’s so I’d like to be someone within the 2020’s. Hoot and holler and roar through em. This means I have to actually start living and feeling and shit.

Try it with me.

I’m going to tell you how to effectively handle yourself and actually get some resolutions done. I am not a professional. I have learned from my mistakes and through the observations/lessons of others. I have lived with some professionals as well. They’re pretty fucked up too; so you’re not alone on any level.

Come one, come all!

New Year. New You. Sweet and cushy bullshit (you probably won’t) but should do.

Just trying to help some of you.

Get a pull up bar. (cheap)

Get dumbbells. (can be cheap)

Get a workout bench. (somewhat cheap)

Put these lifesavers next to your bed.

Wake up.

Don’t use your fucking head!

Get to work until you’re dead.

You have absolutely no excuse now not to work out; even just a tiny bit. You can now probably focus yourself for the rest of the day.

I don’t care who you are or what mental issues you have. I’m no therapist so I really can’t legally care. No hard feelings.

This is huge for people with anxiety and depression and ADHD and PP and ADD and LAZY in my honest opinion.

Get those natural endorphins going. Unless you’re born with some medical condition and have none.

Then I apologize for being so insensitive.

You don’t have to meet people and feel pressured and all that shit.

You’ll never have to wait for weights again.

Your schedule.

Your time.

Cut the shit and save your money and time on buying new year resolution gym passes a lot of you just won’t use. I’ve been told the atmosphere and getting out of your place makes things better. Fuck all that noise. I’m doing excellent without the gym hassle. Maybe that’s just me? Find out for yourself!

I just thought I’d take this time to guide people on the Path to Productivity instead of complaining about my past issues. I have plenty of songs on that topic already.

I hope you all have a great new decade; because the last one was literally hot garbage.

Everything is on fire.

You can be too.

I believe in you.

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