Loser Off Luxury (Handicap)

Took me decades just to see,

that I’m a bitchass honestly!

This world is full of people like me.

We‘re full of shit but still hungry.

But I’m done crying, I’m done lying, I’m done being scared of
dying, done not trying, I’m applying, I’m done lying,

mind is frying like a fritter and my salt just
flavors it, still I cannot savor it!

lazy piece of rich, problems small? Beat me bitch! Fucked off parents;
flipped the switch. Finally I used my head! Now I won’t pump it full of lead!

Yet I parasitically, disgustingly, I subliminally, I criminally, I had no shame, abused the game,
learned insane, I’m to blame, see the frame? Built no name! I’m too bold now? Yeah I sold out! But I’ll hold out.

It’s my birthmark. Mental blackmark. I was not what I was meant to be.

Fuck your problems! I’ll solve me! Jumpman too high; drastically!

Karma’s not done; bitch slap me!

Spent my life fake luxury.
What the fuck you know bout me?
What the fuck you think you see?

Yeah you think a thought you fucking basic thot; you thought that I don’t think? Come to senses; Fuck! I blinked! Missed consensus? That’s my kink!

Immature. I’m overblown. Ego swoll. Was over shown. Regretting school. I’m overloan. Stagnant planted. Overgrown. Stayaway. Leave me alone. Unless you kill me! Aim your drone! Coordinate then obliterate the obelisk done blow my bricks already fucked by Daddys Alley tricks.

Patient gentleman; with Loyalty. I got some issues; toiletry. Fucked off Miyagi then I soiled sweeped then boiled me in the pot of Jackie/Jet Li seasoned Melanchali drop kicks from Alee to B. Lee. Water flows C? through you D.NA

Kung Fu Kenny Don’t Need Anyone.

Stream through you and me.

Trust me cause we

Pure as Gold we Purine with a Pyramid in our Genes.

We’re all born with riches.

Luxor on your Luxury.

What else
will it take
for you to see?

Break that down! I just taught basic Biology.

RIP my throat until you Scream!

Beat my head until you dream!

I’ve been to hell and crawled to heaven

reversed up Fallen back to Reverend

cause circum stance means
I gotta circle stance since Karma circum pranced and sized me up

dropped and kicked me up but I

re invigorated my inner vigor generated

was simply degenerated.

Now I’ll hang me from my innards over your interstate.

we can do this your way or my way

the Free way

Anxious inner state

Remain calm.

Burn my revival.

Then build your renovation and reinstate your state of

Create. Pray. Rejuvenate.

Who knows?

We might reincarnate;

so we might as well try to make this life great

Or you can just cope out.
Brew it

Fuck then Forget Fate.

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