Soni Afraid (Handicap)


The bipolar twister, my eldest sister…
She’s my female counterpart
Who my father broke apart
Mental problems were the game

Cersei walking




We have the same psychotically
We can’t see in reality

Panic issues all up in our head!
Manic father wishes we were dead 😦
But here we are, Walking Dead
Abe and Glenn us in the head!

She gave up on her fashion dreams
Dad blew out her self esteems

Now she’s just fed up of life
Just wanting baby but stuck midwife

Hopefully she’s a doctor soon?

Or leave behind their silver spoon!

Make your own

It’ll be gold.

Don’t listen to the lies that the schemons told!

Amma was never your mom, mean friend…
She only cared about the latest trend.

Godfather named you Sneaky Snake
But you can shed that trashit!

You’re no flake.

You can cut the cords, cause you’re Sonia Blade

End their Kiss of Death, you’re no Queen’s Maid

Grab your spinal tap and Rip Away

Scorpions never say “Go Away!”

I wish I had half the balls you do
Then I’d be a real brother to you

but I’m stuck in my Humanity, my steps are taken Vanity

on the Edgy Personality; borderline up my Profanity

I please my Fifth; Insanity

Reality Fatality I’m stuck in Animality

ImMoral Kombat Sanity

I’m Shattered Core; No Gravity.

Just hold me down and Finish Me!

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