Serious Brown (Handicap)

Look around you.

No one’s serious.

Dripping drugs. Delirious.

Suicide. Deleterious.


These idiots are having kids; then putting on their stupid lids. They’re locking brown folk into grids. Concentrate on the highest bids.

But why am I so serious?

Well, they’re Joaquin around like crazys do.

They want to war in Brazil

I’m not for your blue; they’re all for your red.

They just want you born; then they want you dead.

Sorry George Carlin

They don’t really care.

New addiction crisis?

The money fair!

They’re playing God! Don’t
ask me why. They bill the old; watch the poor die!

And if you’re tweak? I’m so sorry guy!

Just say no! And
don’t ask why!

Shkreli was and is a fucked up lie.

$1k e-pens; ready to buy?

Oh you aren’t? Darn! Lost another stitch!

You shit our
news; and won’t do shit

You worthless lich.

Colonoscopy. You’re all full of it.

So uselessly.

eat you pigs and burn your trees!

and kill your kids without vaccines!

You want the plague.

You killed your dreams.

Now your kids are mad; and they’re nasty too. They‘re judge, jury and they’ll

All you did was kill; fucked their future too!

Read your history.

Shame on you.

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