He Thinks and Prays (A.S.S.H.O.L.E.)

I promised my ExtremelyDopeCool Epic after My N.A.D.s but I just want to take a little tangent cause of all the chaos recently to share some of my useless viewpoints with you starting with this run-on sentence of an introduction.
I’m literally literarily controlling mania. Yes… It’s a wild ride.
Meditation and Harmony Noises work wonders.
I never really got into that shit – but it’s all the rage these days.
Pick your antidote.

  • I stand with Hong Kong.
    This is simply because
  • I love Democracy.
  • I read and shit.
  • This means I put subtitles on when I watch my shows.
  • I’m a mouth breather contrary to
  • everyone’s sound knowledge.
  • Own who you are.
  • Love yourself.
  • Muslim Genocide is happening.
  • Keeps on keeping on.
  • Not cool.
  • I don’t know how throwing Muslim babies into fires will solve anything.
  • I am genuinely terrified concerning concentration camps.
  • The idea of Muslims wearing badges was floated. There are – in reality right now – Mexicans and their children in concentration camps.
  • They are getting routed up by Insanely Corrupt Executioners.
  • I don’t think I’m fear mongering with my reality statements.
    The badge idea people are the same people that are armed to the teeth.
  • I just run my mouth.
  • I got no arms on my teeth.
  • You’re really thinking backwards if you suggest that I should sleep with a teK.
  • Don’t call me crazy for having this Camp Fear fear.
  • Unless you’re an uncultured and uneducated person.
  • If you are?
  • Talk to me.
  • I happen to be an idiot too.
  • You think I’m joking?
  • Isn’t this site proof enough?
  • I will never disregard an honest opinion or viewpoint.
  • I appreciate the same respect if at all humanely possible.
  • Crazy times call for crazy talks.
  • Spirit fingers
  • Prayer walks
  • Let’s fucking dance.

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