I Got It (Handicap)

Don’t worry mom and dad. I want to thank you two; for being there for me; when I wasn’t there for you.

I love you.

Back in the day there was nothing that I’d rather do than act out and say FUCK YOU! I got distraught and damaged; but what did it do?

The narcissism. I understand now. I should’ve let it be; should’ve bowed out; but I’m self grown out;

I was obtuse, I saw abuse, what’s the use?

You abuse – I abuse – gettin loose – calmin down – debate the noose.

Your vicious cycle


I was blind to see! The light you gave was blindingly. Way too much. Lost myself. Always hated fucking wealth!

Detrimental. All you did. Swear these problems could’ve rid. If you faced them and not hid. You could’ve helped me through the mid.

Emotional… was just a kid.

No more bitching or regrets now.

I’m leaving you two.

Crossed my line.

But don’t you know I love you?

I’d make fun of girls when I was young;

“Why do you wanna change him?”

“You can’t change him!”

There is no changing back!

That’s the lie they feed us when they put up an attack.

Dopamine. Serotonin. Everybody thinks they’re Ronin; with no work? Why you roamin?

There’s a reason that Rome fell.

Comfortable the tales they tell.

Everything requires patience; and a lesson; you will learn.

Self respect; you will earn. People see it; they will yearn.

Step the fuck up. It’s your turn.

Light your fire! It will burn!

Teach yourself; your world will churn!

I was brought onto this planet, not a worry to my name, already thanked you mom and dad, but I am tired of your blame, exhausted, tired of your shame, and I don’t look up, cause I’ve been brought down and I curse my dreams it’s what it seems, slashed all my seams, we broke the beams, dislike the fame, cause you robbed my love, I’ve become the same, but I need the teams cause I promised dreams and the beach side scenes, Lil Wayne Orleans, going batshit cray, and I’m not joking, I was born a king, and I’m done waiting, got my wordslay frown, now I’m razing up to come crashing down!

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