No Such King (Bully)

As I grew older,

I figured me out.

I used to be colder;

I’d bully you out.

My sub-zero shoulder;

I’d leave her then hold her….

But she was his rock;

and he became boulder.

HE should’ve been soldier.

SHE forced to be holder.

But he brought a gun?!

Why didn’t he holster?!

He fired his shots (!!!)

His pride now upholstered.

The ego now bolstered


She was his village. His idiot. Razed it and pillaged. Controlled the fit. Leave her alone! Please go away! Divorce ain’t enough?! Hand shake okay?!

It was our fault.

The core we shake.

Milked your earthquake.

Alcohol shakes.

Planted the drugs.

Cried me a lake.

Found out the miners were always so fake.

Found out these losers just wanted to take! They cannot love! They just spread hate! I hit my break.

I will die poor!

Blow me! I’m baked!
They blew them out. The self esteems. Blamed it on us? Man screw your team!

I hate them both

I really do

My sisters won’t

They choose to be through

I may be blind!

I cannot find.

I’m pretty sure LSD lost my kind.

I’m pretty sure that I’m one of a mind.

I have potential I won’t leave behind!

I have the anger in me for the grind!

Need to write wrongs so I cannot unwind.

Rapping it up with my wetpens refined.


Hi there! I hope you all had and are continuing to have an awesome Halloween weekend! (My favorite holiday of the year for spreading joy and cheer!)

This is my 11th song on my website; which means I have officially posted the entire Bully album (!!!)

This brings me internal happiness.

I laugh like a crazy person to myself all the time. I just did it again.

I am a crazy person.

Be happy!

I am now going to start posting Handicap songs of course!

That’s Part 2 of the Melanchali Memoirs for those of you that didn’t press the top right of my website and read my Melanchalic Manifesto.

I’ve also been writing singles over EDM songs whenever I feel like it.

The song I recently heard and am working on the side is

Symphony by Flux Pavilion Feat. Layla

I’ve named my single Sympathetic Phony. It’s coming together nicely so far! Enjoy!

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