Posti Alone (Bully)

I snapback with my attitude. I’d step back man. You’re kind of rude. You don’t want me; I don’t need you.

You talk too much – just can it; loo ~

I get enough shit back at home! It’s your safe placemy terror dome 🙂

The lights.

The cars.

The house.

The money.

Why the kids so worthless; honey?

Did hot drugs.

Chilled with thugs.

Why ungrateful?

Didn’t you get hugs?

You think my life is over?… Easy?

Scramble eggshells; then come see me.

Narcissistic ego fam;

calm it down


Fear and loathing – it’s my Vegas.

Why have kids…

if you hate us?

Lie. berate us;

criminate us.

Handicap and

Decimate us.

Sorry baby 🙂 Don’t be scared! Trust me! I am unprepared!

Self esteem? What‘s that bitch? Don’t you know that you‘re a lich?!

I’ll kill my flow

I’m suicidal

Only have God as my rival

Hot and bothered


This life was not in my plan

I have some questions for those two

like WHAT THE FUCK guys? What it do?

How much love?

Too much hate?

We cannot discriminate!

There’s something there!

The itch.

The scratch.

The parasitic plans they hatch

but the Jesus soul is Jesus peace;

I sold my soul smoking your piece

and I’m powerless; but unstoppable. I’m in my head; it’s uncroppable.

Your ups and downs are my highs and lows! Confucious yet? I’m vertigo!

My jumpman hype is scriber’s type.

You’re just not
I’m overripe.

I work it out. You play too hard.

I’m always dueling. Be En Garde.

And my mind‘s Vision is Marvelous!

It’s feast mode man; my people trust.

Rap AssHoly Angel.

You‘re sniffing dust.
Need your oxygen? Lookin kind of musk!

I’m called the Don.
You’re left to dusk.

I’m out for blood;
My boys Craven lust.

Better watch your track;
cause I’m running up.

Give ya heart attack;
I’m ArRhythMeUp

Posti” means lazy druggy in brown people language. Read my other posts to know which brown people and language I’m referring to. I hope all three of you enjoy! 🙂

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