Methodic Ali (Handicap Throwaway)

I’m prototyping rappers;

they’re PROJECTing on my poetry.

When I’m wrong at something –

write it til I build a legacy.

Brought my pen to swordfight

Now the haters gotta gun for me?

Ripping up the butterfly,

that’s pacing my anxiety.

Choking on the box that

Kurts your heart into security.

Worry for my sisters

that be live-in animosity.

Bodies dropping with a speed;

it’s terminal velocity.

Predators are preying

Baptize children in atrocity.

Hunters are the hunted.

Gunnies rabid with ferocity.

I’m rapping depression sessions with therapy lessons. Confessing my sins while burned out and fading away…
some time tomorrow? I’m hung over yesterday.
Always yearning today and then praying to see another way to live through another day.

This song’s flow is basic and monotonous for a reason. I can use this song to teach people how to develop and write flow; along with entendres. This song has themes about 21st century issues and fun wordslay. I was going to put it on Handicap – but I recently wrote a song about a family member that is far better and makes sense for the second part of My Memoirs.

I’ve recently been informed by some unfortunate people that just because I can write and channel my negativity through music… doesn’t mean everyone can


Trigger Me Read and Aim For My Head… Or Run From Yourself Instead

That was the biggest piece of bullshit I’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing! Everyone has a story – be it fact or fiction.

Don’t ever tell me otherwise ya copperout. Aim and shoot for the gold

Fake it til you break it.

PEOPLE are the ones who make it.

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