Buggy (Bully)

Paralyzed every time I hear the yelling.
Heart pounds out of chest; eyes end up swelling.
Cloudy drugs; thunder music – drown me shout.
Codependency tornadoes got me stuck in a droubt.

They won’t divorce because of us?

Damn! They must really care.

Please just let us go then?

“Fuck you! Life’s not fair!

We live (in)sanity because of all of you!”

You’re right. We should neglect the pain we went through.

We’re ungrateful pieces of shit! No worries at all 🙂

Should be easy to rise; when you ignore every fall.

~ I’m the perfect father! I gave everything to you.

You will never understand the struggles that I went through

In sports; in school and life – I always stood with the best.

At a young age I moved out and then I conquered the west.

All my sacrifices seem to have been done in vain

This is all your mother’s fault that fucking bitch is insane!

I could never leave her; that Posti would fall apart.

You’d be dead or in jail without my headstart!

How could a God like him procreate the devil?

He’s the game master; I will never surpass his level.

Sit down; laugh; be nice and shut the fuck up

When he needs you is when he decides to make-up.

Put on his face, conceal the hate behind the masquerades.

Really fucking tired… end this game of charades.

~ Firstly; your father is right! I would never last if he left.

Stole my mind identity but I won’t accuse him of theft.

I’m used to it now. You’d even think I love the abuse!

You should see life through my angle; yeah I know I’m obtuse!

I was born this way. Don’t ever expect me to change.

Got good looks and he’s a doctor. What a perfect exchange!

You can’t blame us now. All grown up.

Statute of limitations. Your time is up.

All I’ve ever had is my friends and a cup of tea.

Oh and my siblings. I’m sure they love me!

Ignore the fact I’m just a vent machine.

Change my oil; then I cook and clean.

You will never understand the struggles that I went through

I’m all small talk but trust me; I’d only live for you.

No end to our cycle; I guess Karma‘s just mean.

Anxiety comes around and goes around just pop a benzene.

I’m done now with all this buggy shit that I’m telling.

Blew the bugles… there’s no more fun in yelling.

I use the word “POSTI” again in this song. I used it in “Bully” (Crash and Burn; go hit Posti!) Posti in brown people language (Punjabi is the origin of the word – I think?) is a derogatory term for drug heads. I’d like people to understand the wordplay and that I haven’t added an “EE” sound to the end of post; cause that would make me look retarded. Much lovehope you enjoy reading my pain!

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