Fort Mine (Bully)

Where’d you go my friend?

Won’t you please come back again?

I miss the times that we used to have

Used to crack jokes make everyone laugh

Little sister once looked up to you

Back in high school all the good you went through

But it went from joining every club and good grades

To self destructive parties and drug raids

How did you even come this far?

Look in the mirror – can’t recognize who you are

Everything was set up for you man

Flipped the board with the perfect game plan

Coulda got your fam and friends back together

But they’ve all moved on you still aren’t better

You believe in yourself one day

Turns to a decade wasted away

With absolutely nothing to show

But a big mouth and inflated ego

Strange you spend nights crying

They ask what’s wrong and you end up lying

Why are you doing this to yourself Ali?

Used to have fun! Didn’t need the molly…

Used to say you’d never end up in jail

Call father sobbing hoping he’d post the bail

Once cried laughing saying “it’ll never be me!”

Cried so many fake tears can’t see clearly

Promise today will be the forward turning point!

…Fail yet again and turn back to the joint

That joke of a charade – it didn’t last

You refused to grow up and learn from the past

Grave mistakes you made. The future is the cost that’s the price you paid

Never thought you’d run and hide

Never thought you’d fantasize

I am just a just a total mess of regret

Hoping all my addict friends get out forget

None of those feelings were real

Fueled my tank – had to lie and steal

I hope they all forgive me

Doubt this curse I’ll ever break free

To the real ones I still love you all

Sorry you had to witness my pathetic fall

I took you all for granted

Self destructive seeds that I planted

I can tell you’re all weary of me

I party hard and go a little too crazy

Absolutely no impulse control

If I die alone I’ll deserve the toll

Broken family; my go-to excuse

Decades wasted man! What’s the fucking use?

I know exactly where the train is headed

My past wrecks are now embedded

I’ve become the virus stuck in the head,

Just a parasite… I’m better off dead

I’m a psychopath that’s self aware

One day I give a shit followed by an “I don’t care!”

I just can’t go on like this anymore

Lost so many things stop tallying score

Try to lie that I’m no criminal

But everything I do is shadily subliminal

They say people don’t change ali – it’s too late.

Gathered so many failures – now the pressure’s way too great

Fuck it. Dunno if I even tried

Somewhere in the past; the real Ali died.

I wrote this song over Fort Minor‘s “Where’d You Go?”

One day I will record over it. I’d actually love to create this one with Mr. Shinoda. If I ever record or even just play it with him… I can instantaneously die a happy person.
For now just enjoy my rock bottom foundations.
I hate this song for readable reasons.
I absolutely loathe Melanchali.

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