Stargazing the future me

Hey mirror mirror… please deflect me!

Cause all I see is enemy. A weak ass beast.

No range is free!

Diss-charged emotion; circuiting, just one more light; was flickering

The void was MOCKING, Taunting me!

Go get lost in AbyssmAli!

But now I’m seeing black, I can pace my track, filling up the glass, running through the past

Douchebag dicks; bullying my ass. Was a
total wreck in class.

Parents didn’t give a fuck; just run out! Let’s go party; have a blast!

NAH hall pass. Show and tell your class. Go and flash your cash.

Don’t you worry little lass! Imma complex you en masse.
Imma light up all your gas. Imma show
you that the grass, isn’t greener on my side! Imma fuck you with my pride! You don’t have the drive inside! You don’t have the means to be! Anything you want to be! Just shut up andhear to me; you handicap retard druggy!

Choose my bitch! Doctor or doggy?

You failed investment! Robbed from me!
you crash and burn; go hit posti. Immoral combat. Fate Ali. This life is just my fantasy.

My ego
blinded family. Complex by my soginy. My dark remarks. Evil shady. Subliminally racy. Fracturing
fragility. Tainting all your purity.” He’s a nasty freak. I’m a loss for words. Don’t ask, wont speak.

I bullied weak; now don’t you see? End up sicklically.

I was raised to shut down silently, then I
slowed my role, Autist Ali. Rapped myself down, then I gifted me, artistically, Artist Ali, drew my
, til I’m now presently. Gotta Jack the box, the gifted world inside of me.

Slowly mined the
gold outside of me. Was lost but now I’m foundery. Steel forged my identity. from the brimstone
pride, the gleamin me. Was a Rocky fight. Foundation me! Step it up and fight man! You‘re an Ali.

And I’m sorry to
All I bullied too
I was just a fool
Just a basic tool
And I cleaned my act
It’s a sweeping fact
Crushed that artifact

My apology to
Muh Ali,
And Adan too
And all my exes
all of you
Who I lied and was
An asshole to

Didn’t mean the scene;
was so obscene.
Time to short it out
I’m manning up and
Shutting down
My rage machine.

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