The Shady Project (EmiStan)

“Shit is a circus, you clowns that are comin’ up
Don’t give an ounce of a motherfuck
About the ones that were here before you that made rap, let’s recap”

Eminem and Joyner Lucas on the KamikazeLucky You
Fuck you too! Woo!

Hi kids! It’s the Sinister Minister here to administer the penicillin your cilia and c-sect your feelings and then fill my page with my decade old rage. Killin switch; I’ll dissandgauge and just maybe… I’m the next little Slim Baby. Maybe I’m a little bit shady? Maybe I’m just batshit CRAZY. Maybe I’m exactly where I wannabe! Feeling oddly; Godly; hahahardly! Maniac Ali decimated Ali; slowly; my neuropathy. Killin Me Softly call me Bee Gee.

But I’m goin off like Vesuvillain! Intersect; inject your weapon! ALL I GOT IS MY WETPEN and I’ll double cross; uppercut; whatever it takes to awaken and Resurrect the Rejected Reverends cause the symbolism never ends and why be a God when I bleed and have the need for my seed to read and just like you succeed make them Scream what I breed like Poisoned Knivy got with Mister Freed then the Courtship Afouls went InBane not fuckin Jo King when the rain man came Bruce Pain. Left a Dent; then Harvey Spent; just another Scared Bro but I’ll have to Be(You) Guile fussy; call me Kyle. You killed the rap game (King Pen)guins and then you got Ridofher; this the different kinda riddler… poser from your jugular but I can riddlame this and dribblame yap yap I’m the sneaky cat they just gato go Fuck Their (ratata! gatata!) Is he live? Is he dead? Flip The Coin; grasp my airy; hairy fairy. EmiStan don’t got a prayer. He is not a player. He’s the Rap Jesus; my recital. Now this is what I call Revival! Gettin loose on my sippy noose! I just act a fool; You’re the Rap God tool; Imma raze Allah the cities; Rise All of the Ghouls.

Hello! This is my 5th album in progress. 5 songs so far have been completed-ish. I’ll make sure my 5 fingers keep blessing me.



Illumination Confirmed

The Shady Project is nothing but respect and a shout-out to my inspiration


Marsh Ill Mathers

Bruce Pain

Rabbit in the Hat

Rap Odd God

Yeah. We’re done sucking. Hope you enjoyed the teaser!

– Allie/Ollie/Meelon K. Awelee/Allmi/Fuckyou/Ally/Melanchali/Ali –

7 fans in 1 on 1 Fancy that

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