The Dark White vs. GothaMe

If you read up to the end of SociopathicAli ~ then you’ll know I’m half-way done with my Dark Knight Album.

I AM NOT SURE WHAT I SHOULD NAME IT. I’m in no rush… I’ll ask you around. I have 2 options in mind:

~ GothaMe ~


~ The Dark White ~

The beat in my head for this album is heavy trap rap. Think of BabyWipe by Robber Ski The Slumper Deity

I imagined Bane’s voice and Batman’s voice having a love child on sheet metal.

It’s pretty fucking metal

The flow is as if Batman ran up on a Flosstradamus Drop

Jim Gorgeon THE BEAT

You just Rob-in

This is a little teaser from the album you’re welcome:

Dark Knight; Darkness Falls. Dropping from the Top like I Lop Top. You just drop shot; you’re a gang bang! run-in circles; batarang DUCK DUCK! K. please don’t shoot! Got you swift boot; running from my ghosts and the Ras Al Ghouls! Getting loose – boozin Bruce. Parents aren’t there; what’s my use? Hey Alfred; father goose am I better off dead? Everything I see is red. I’m not smiling. Should I laugh it off instead? Screaming terrors in my bed. What’s it mean? Why’d he blow out all my steam? Took out 3 parts of mychine. Yeah he rogot; broke-in me. Positive; he’s negative-ly; my enemy. Drained all of my energy. Got me stuck; my entropy.

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