SociopathicAli (Bully)

Trapped in a sickness

This just won’t go down

Disturbing the peace

This smile’s upside frown

~Like attending a wedding in a widow‘s gown

My lifeguard wasn’t supposed to drown

I’m my own best friend

I’ll have me in dead end

Call me MGMT man.

It’s Time to Pretend

I’m no sociopath;

but I show tendency~

Apologizing for my actions…

but I’m never sorry! 

If you look into my eyes

I’m sure you won’t be scared

I’m the Lying King; you snitch!

You better BE PREPARED

I’m no gingerbread man

yet they still want a taste?

stuck in my first world problems

It’s a human waste

The anxiety I give… Better pop some valium,

family says I suck at life… Call me bum bum

Got arrested 3 times

but that didn’t stop me.

still got a clean record

call it pur(ge) Jury

Hello person or welcome back! This song is old and short like someone who is old and short. I have been MIA recently because I hit a stride on a new album (#4)44!!! I got inspiration on this from the emotional trauma that Joker left me with.

(Absolutely disturbing movie and definitely lost on you if you think it’s about inciting incel violence)

Batman ideologies are spectrums of mental illness and how they intertwine in real society. Adult stuff depending on how much you know.

That’s the beauty and genius of

Bill Finger and Bob Kane

Absolute Batmen

May they forever Rest In Peace

The album itself is insanely fun and hits really hard. I’m already half way done 🙂

Can you guess what the theme is?

Bruce Pain

Jo King

Harvey Spent

Beau Guile Kyle

King Penguin


The Coin


Mister Freed

Courtship Afoul

Poisoned Knivy

Scared Bro

Rise All Ghouls

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