InNoCent (Bully)

“Your son is such a good kid! He’s so innocent.”

No. He’s a failed dropout. No Harvey Dent.

“Don’t you think that’s a bit far fetched – out of your range?”

Don’t question my madness! All he needs is my change!

My father really never bothered to raise me. Pumped the fist down. Focused on the gravy. Only shamed me. Kept me grounded in reality. Beated down my gravity.

Even back since I was 3. Could not breathe in me.

Now the white boys raging too? 9/11 was the tool; for the basic fool! Born in from a school. They were TERRORISTS.

They were mocking me. Hawking; Calling; Walking; Rocking; Brute Ali. Found some brothers; ethnic Ali. Never minded; bothered me. But I bothered; bullied them. I was so fucking angry.

You say assholes finish first? Fuck your basic theories!

Accepted brownie trash. Failing; always screaming “Im sorry!” Failure from society. Laughing. Smiling. Joking. Broken. Token. Shit was not funny.

I got tired; technic Ali. So mechanic Ali; had to grind and steel; make a master me, forge an Iron Man; Melan Called For Me.

Don’t you call for me. You’re another lich. Cookie cutting bitch; fuck you (For Mula)

Need to Runaway! Linkin Parks back home. I’m excusing me; I’ll desert your sweets and abasing me. Never taught a use; learned uselessly. Spacing out; solo moon I-land was so Lonely.

I was bashing me. I was caving in. Isolation (Meant Ali.) Brutify Bin Laden; whites beheading me. Fuck YOU and YOUR brown identity.

Yes; I’m a nice guy! But I’m wound up; screwed up; used up; all intern Ali. Combust my engine; blow your tree. Sitting in a Slim Shady. Depression drinking; Kid Ali. artists always gleaming me; the possibilities; I can save Ali!

Suffered through Depression session topped Anxiety

Put my head into that place you’ll only reach if you O.D.

Oh! You thought I’m clowning cause I’m joking? … Rap a hit for me?!

At 18 I planted seed now God gives me so FruitfAli

Gave me limes and Imma crush the green;

Lemons Nading Ali.

You did not deserve my wax beetch; buzzing back all my honey. I was only laughing cause I’m descent personality. Imma rise above the fall and burn my bushes; I’m Sonny. Mocking Birds will sing the sorrow; they once Poppin like Mary.

I’m the only thing you’ll see; when you look Ali. Flip up; use your middle finger while you switch off MTV. Cheesing on your channel when it’s me. Crows to murder; I’m your suicide; Vengeance for Ali. NARCISSISTIC ALI HAHAHAHA

But you’ll be thanking me; begging me “sorry!” You fueled all the rage. You pushed all the pills. Automatic Ali

I’m a wrap now; time to chow down; roll and Bow down; present Ali. Stayaway if you bullied me. I won’t bully you. I am not a terrorist. This the Land of Opportune Ali. They’ll be busy gawking, shocking, talking in AWEdi Ali. He can’t hear them! Blast the Tunes; cruisin my Audacity.

You just bug me, Buggers; Ender make you scurry. HURRY HURRY! Sacrificial MooSlim Lamby; speedin through the town; reminisce; all the love I missed; all the people pissed; Immortal Ali. They just won’t exist.

And I’m going deep… Rapping nightmares in my sleep. Wishing I was lion to myself; but now I’m lyin to myself cause I’m a lazy asshole; with a good soul! Were you kidding me? Only lived to satisfy the kid in me! Was a grown man child; just a mammal going ape shit! Tempted all the tantrums; never landed single hit! I’m sure that’s what they’ll say about my music.

“While they’re busy lying; make your Truth Stick.

Please don’t be a loser David! Don’t you Cop-A-Feel! Learn a magic trick!”

Please get off of Trump’s dick. Oh Your God! Shoot to kill. So damn drool. You’re so sick. Just a Morty bitching Dick. Shooting up your fellow Rick.

Go chug your beer and volunteer! Or freeze in headlights like a deer! Drive-thru your window to the light! Make sure you steer! Don’t you worry; have no fear! Tunnel vision is so clear!

Congression, come all ove-r-mes! Topped with my Obesity! Pizza got you brain dead. Wait. Wasn’t that Veggie? Please don’t take offense; I’m just Capit Ali. I’m done Trumping Dunces. They’ll all never C.

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