Resurrection (Bully)

My goal here’s Art resurrection
Need you to write to correction
I got no weapons, just vision
Smith and Wession, my ambition

Navi hey look hey come listen!
It’s a Twilight; men on a mission
2 many worlds; head on collision and
It’s up to you for survival and
I’m out here; praying revival
Call it Rap Jesus; my recital
Enlighten you; I’m no idol
But I’m not gonna sit back and idle
While your idols lighting up fears, inspire death for your tears, controlling drugs, watch your gears, and I know that it rips and it tears, the paranoia down poor, it wears, but don’t let them tools get you down, step it up! Your time to get down! Imma light up down on your frown, then leave – and come back around – to shock you, light your dreams and spark you, to flicker up I need you to bicker you, to Mirror Mirror me, to sticker you, to look at you, my dark reflection, hope to better you, I brought the matches, burn me too, let’s burnout and fly to find the
Avin You

“Dude that rap’s so cheesy, you’re so gay!”
I’m cheesing for your smile okay?
I’m art-in-motion, move my way
You’re a stupid per, you’ll judge anyway
Call me Cupid man, I was born V-Day
I’m hitchin souls, Spirited Away
Love in heart and soul, live for today
Gotta get to work, so the night we play
Gotta movein gears, outfits we slay
Did you get it? Gotta get it! Bye for now; okay?

This song is a little history on me. I was born in Detroit (parents then moved to Canada shortly after. I want to know and help out Detroit before I die. Weird how I found rap is my passion despite only being born there. There must be something in the water other than government poisoning?) I was born on Valentine’s Day. I love anime/manga/Marvel; anything escapism. You should know me by now. I hate Ali; that’s why he made 6 other personalities. I’m tired of the hate and lack of real art in the world. I want to start a Rap Revolution in 2020 or beyond; doesn’t fucking matter. That’s my Honest to My God goal. Aim high; start somewhere. I’m not good nor am I gifted; but I sure as fuck know how to motivate. I have many projects outside of the Melanchali Memoirs that are and will be for fun on my hobbies and personality cause I have no friends. Handicap (Part 2 of M.M.) has a Stan Lee Tribute Rap labeled “Marvelous.” I absolutely love it and I hope I don’t get monetarily raped by Disney for making it. I want people to know they can make anything out of anything. JUST USE YOUR FUCKING HEAD YEAH? THERE IS SO MUCH MATERIALS OUT THERE. BUILD DAM IT! POWER FLOW, GOD’s DAM IN YOU.

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