Melanchali’s Memoir (Bully)

I used to never bother like I had no tomorrow
Lying to all of my friends for some drug money to borrow
No directions; up-down-low class feeling; almost reeling. Slim man. Shady dealing.

I wasn’t raised in the hood
It was too easy being good
But I knew I’d never follow on the path that I should

You see
The educated life was never meant for me
Envision a blind man forcing himself can’t you see?

Now I know a lot of people in here that can relate
Pray that I can rest peacefully when I elevate then God can rate that

I’m a shitty brown dude with a shitty attitude and I talk shit make you skid mark when the words(hit)

And I’m sorry to my family, I gotta do this for me. I’m masochist; drug misusing; on and off abusing; going up, down flip between winning and losing

This happens to be my rap game marriage proposal.

If Lil Yachty did it divorce will be at my disposal.

People want a hype beat? Bass up your back seat. I will never pack heat; zombie waste of me. And if you kill me? Do it thoroughly. Maybe with some confidance; romantic Bateman ambiance…….

BE cause, I’m ready to die; I’m ready to go. Too much to live for? I don’t know… got 3 siblings; yes they care for me. I’m my own worst frenemy. Harboring parent hostility; the ship has sailed Titanically.

I’m the only one; fam of 6 the only son; had a fucked up father and a drug mother Oh Brother! Where Art Thou? Get a CLOO I’m a LOONEY I’m chasing dreams on my two knees

I’m just a residual
of the individual
that was in divide
myself I dual
I can’t hide

This coward will not suicide; but I can school you when I write up. I was just a kid screaming for attention. Did I mention? That my life was out of school suspension? In detention for misogyny; that my loving father gave to me. All these women are the enemy! Eminem was such a part of me. Hey Senpai; won’t you notice me?!

This song is my introduction to the world. It really covers the fuck everything attitude of Melanchali. It was around this time I realized that being the man of the house was all a facade. My whole life was a lie. I was never able to handle my family’s issues; despite what I convinced myself I would and could do once I turned 18. Just another immature kid with hopes and dreams way beyond his maturity and intelligence level. Thank God my brain grew physically towards reality. I subconsciously wish I turned out the way my family wanted – maybe they should’ve fucking raised me that way! I am only self-destructive and an asshole; I was never the psycho criminal my father wished I became. This song is My Middle Finger. My Motto. My Anthem. My Views. My Mental Issues. Be who you are and right out your guilt. If you aren’t hurting anyone; why make yourself seem like the enemy?

“They used to laugh and call me, “Terrorist!”

now here I am just thinking:

“Will my career ever blow up?”

-Fuckyou (Douchey Asshole Dominator. American Origins. Perpetually hurting itself in States of confusion)

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