Legacy (Bully)

This game’s lacking rap game’s dead,
mumble raps stuck in my head,
Trapping all about the drugs,
shooting all up with the lead

Who the fuck you think you are?
Get a job man; it’s not hard.
You don’t have anxiety.
You don’t have ADHD.
You don’t have to be lazy.
Don’t think you were born crazy.

Don’t think you don’t have a God!
take control man; find it odd!
Why they strip your very being!
Basic Bitches; I’m believing!
Real People; I’m not seeing!
Honest People; they all fleeing!

They don’t have it honestly.
They take from you savagely.
Make your life look so pretty.
Tell you you’re being petty.

but something’s wrong; I can see.
I’m just too nice; let it be.
Self abusive; so kindly.
imma make them look at me.
imma make them look and see.
That I am not sincerely;
That I am not the same Ali.
Living parasitically.
Parents rich; it wasn’t me.
Gave birth to a prodigy.

Then stripped his personality.
Just so he could medically
Be; what he was fucking meant to be.
But I’m nothing; just like you.
Speck of dust. I’m star doo doo.

And I’ll be damned if I don’t;
But you’ll be damned if I do.


Excusay Muah
I’m coming through
Oh God bless you!

I’m Egotistic; who are you?
I go ballistic; yeah I blew

Don’t need a reason
Tis my season
I’m believe Melanchali
I’ll make sure that my 5 fingers
Keep on blessing all of me

This song is a left stroke of mine (courtesy K.) This song is calling out the current state of the rap game. It’s depressingly bad to me. Pun intended. I know everyone can do much better. Hard work doesn’t sell anymore; which is fine. I happen to be 27; so I’m in that age where you’re just floating between panic and crisis. I’m not young or social enough to be in any loop. I do happen to know what words are though; through years of isolated TV and phone suction. I know people are also getting smarter as others are getting dumber. We can do better than this guys. I know we can. I hope all 3 of you hear me out. I just need like 2 of you to start even thinking of writing then I can die happy. And please sound and write like you can read – at the very least. Drugs with titties have been analyzed and debated for over 3 decades now. And if you can’t read? …How the? What the fuck? Congrats on making it this far you absolute fighter!

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