There are One of me with Two Projects to Entertain all Three of you

“We’re not from the Projects; but I plan on working on some.”

— Allmi (Egotistical Asshole. God Origin. Last Seen Volunteering on a Project at a Project.)

This site is for Adults Only I entertain personal and dark things here. Racism, misogyny, profanity, insanity… Humanity?

Ali’s Story Sessions

Here Only Laughter Emanates

This will be comprised of my manic rants and comedy epics. They are 99% true stories with the 1% being names and specific times. My friends have respectable professions. I am blessed with no profession. I must protect my fellow Catmen.

The nature and subject of the stories will send the average Millenial (and beyond) into hyperventilation.

You have been warned.

Multiple times.

Please keep hands (and feet????) inside the hole at all times.

Only assholes allowed. Don’t mind my ruckus or I’ll break my foot off in your (I see how that works now.)

(!!! Heavy Trigger and Sensitivity Alert While Inside the Asshole !!!)

~ The Melanchali Memoirs ~

This is My Legacy. My Mona Lisa. My shitty brown life in a 3 part, Trilogy Album. It is complete. I still edit songs. I still write songs. I still suck at rapping. I “stacked ammo” on it for 9 years because rage passion. Each album has 11 songs. Subjects range from divorce to EmiStan. That name really encapsulates the ill part of me. I hope Em doesn’t hunt and kill me. Jokes on me! He’ll never even know of my existence. Enjoy framework:

Part 1Bully ~

Part 2Handicap ~

Part 3Druggy ~

“I’m Hilarious Aquarius; Judgy and Nefarious; Lazy and Mysterious; Crazy and Delirious;
Need Your Smile; Why So Serious?”


(Vicious Asshole. Vengeance Origin. Pathological Criminal. On the Hunt for Ali.)

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